Newtown Connecticut 2012

The death of innocence for no comprehensible reason will always confound and cause immeasurable pain. The guns that killed the children of Newtown Connecticut will always be the same guns -they are made to eliminate their target. Guns, knives, bombs, poison gas, and any other, “weapon of destruction” have been designed by intelligent human kind? Untill our collective humanity  wants to have an honest look at the darkness, the troubled demons which lurk deep inside this kind of “civilian tragedy” will take place again and again like it always does. When will we learn from our pasts and listen to the lessons which are in our shared memory?!

Diane Arbus’s work whether one likes it or not illuminated the lives of those we have labelled,  ‘the marginalised “, “the freak”, “the unusual”, or “the weak”. Her objectification and the representation of a kind of  “crippled” existence which we all fear to look upon. The inclusion of those which carry a heaver load is what makes us extraordinary. The existence of those who choose to use guns as an expression of their alienated self has a history. Guns kill they must be banned because people are not to be trusted with such objects.

WAM 2012


Whats in a card?

I read an article last night in, “The Daily Beast” which singularly illustrates the embodiment of the object. Patsy Roberts (87) a resident of Rockaway Beach, Queens lost all the cards and letters she had been saving throughout her life when Hurricane Sandy pummelled the Eastern Seaboard. Her letters and cards were washed away in the tidal surge. She said, ‘She was saving them to read when my time came to remember the people I love”. Her son-in- law has made an appeal to the world. He would like anyone to send her a card and say something beautiful. I’m off to find a card and feel grateful that I have the chance to excercise “fellowship” with Patsy Roberts.